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Bottecchia, an historic company. 1909, Teodoro Carnielli from Vittorio Veneto is a craftsman, he repairs and constructs bikes. He firstly supports and than become President of Local Bikes Association, and immediatly recognise the enormous talent of Ottavio Bottecchia.


After having consecreted the young Ottavio Bottecchia on “Bici Automoto”, Carnielli ask him to take advantage of the magic moment by producing one Bottecchia bike. During the years, the small Carnielli workshop becomes an industry; between 1930 and 1940 there are about 100 workers who construct Bottecchia bikes, Trionfo and Vittoria motorbike. There is a lot of quantity and a big variety of Bottecchia bikes; however the most important product is the race model. Teodoro Carnielli, more and more enthusiastic of race competitions, starts to promote some cyclists which use Bottecchia bikes.
On 1951 Guido Carnielli has a big idea: to create a bike that can be used standing still, helpful for physical rehabilitation: it is the first CYCLETTE in the world. At the beginning of sixties, Guido has another revolutionary idea. In Italy this is the period of economic boom and more and more people has the possibility to buy a car. From here the idea of a folding bike, with small wheels, which can be transportated in a car. To produce that model, Carnielli bears a great economical effort. GRAZIELLA, whose name come from a newspaper which firstly advertises it, was designed by Rinaldo Donzelli on 1963 and became a worldwide success.


At the end of sixties, the old Teodoro passes on the baton to his sons Guido and Mario. With Bottecchia bikes they start agian to give merit to the cyclism and they will obtain other wins and successes.




Professional integrity: we daily work to manage the relationships with our customers and suppliers following high professional standards and working diligently to be respected all over the world. We always apply our values on all the relationships, both externals and internals, to create together an advantageous working environment for the success of the company and the single worker.


Respect: we believe that the people are our greatest resource, and so we try to provide the best working environment, favorable to creative and operative thought, in a calm and stimulating environment.


Long run relationships: both with our customers or suppliers, we believe it’s essential to establish relationships that last long, based on respect and faith. One of the most important factor of our success is the relationship with the key-partner. We exclusively trust on highly qualified personal and we pay attention to the needs of each customer, guaranteeing the best assistance and the best attention to the real requirements and needs.


Quality: we continuously work to make the perfect production’s processes and to guarantee the customers’ satisfaction. Our company is made by technicians and professionals which work in the time, modes and methods defined by the management system in compliance with the laws, with the field’s technical norms, with the constant search of the best performances to guarantee a high quality product. The company is certificated for the quality management system UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.


Research and innovation: we continuously invest to increase and to improve our know-how, one of our hardest values. We are sure that the innovation is our principal source of increase, and for this reason our r&d department continues to develop new technologies and ideas to increase the customer’s satisfactions with innovative and avant-garde projects.