Bottecchia Reparto Corse

Bottecchia Reparto Corse

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EMME 695



?The perfection in Reparto Corse already has a consolidated name: Emme 695. The craftsmanship and the experience of Italian school of handmade frames, completely express themselves in this project, that is born from the evolution of one of most completed frame in the world, Emme2. Experience, study and handcraft are the key words that represent the great development of technical e technological characteristics, that make this frame one of the most high performance never made before. The excellence of Made in Italy shows here all its splendor, with extremely high results that only the Italian knowledge is able to guarantee. The continuous study and the constant research of perfection led up to an accurate finishing of the frame, that reaches today an efficiency never had before. Totally handmade, the frame with carbon bonded tubes includes in only 695 grams, strength, lightness and stiffness. With a ratio of 120 N/mm, the Emme695 assures the maximum performance also with a continuous stress, expressing the potentialities of this unique and inimitable frame. When you start to appreciate this product, you enter into a dimension from which you can’t come back.