Bafang Max Drive

Bafang Max Drive System, has projected a competitive and appealing product, thanks to the great experience in the e-bike sector and the innovative research. Max Drive system is compatible with last generation designs and it has a sporty ride style thanks to the high torque of the motor.


Bafang Max Drive System has a 250W motor with 80Nm max torque. It is extremely silent, almost unperceivable. A torque sensor and two speed sensors transmit data to the controller with a 80k Hz frequency, allowing a fluid and precise ride. The design and the geometry of the motor make it suitable for different kind of bicycles. Also thanks to its light weight under 3.8 kg the motor is easy and fast to take it off from the bike, so to facilitates its assistance and maintenance.

motore bafang

Display and controller

The Bafang HMI immediately offers all the important information through the LCD display: battery charge, instant speed, mileage, etc. It can be easily read also with direct sun light thanks to the high contrast display. The handlebar controller has been developed to be perfectly ergonomic, extremely strong and easy to use. Through it you can control: display and lights switch on/off, data and assistance level.




The lithium battery used on e-trekking models is developed by Samsung and it offers 360 Wh (36V, 10 Ah). It is guaranteed until 800 charge cycles without significant losses of power. Total charge time is about 4.5 hours.
The battery used on the e-mtb models is composed by Panasonic lithium ions cells which develop 36V 13.6Ah, with a total capacity of 490 Wh and a smart BMS system for data collection and cell safety. All is placed in an aluminum case with a particular shape that allows to charge the battery without taking it off from the bike.






Technical specifics