Brose system has been projected to be perfectly suitable for any E-MTB design and geometry, thanks to the dimension and the design of the motor. This allowed to create a new e-mtb range with a clean and sporty design.


Brose electric motor has 250 W power and 90Nm torque and a light weight of 3.4 kg. Thanks to these characteristics it is considered one of the best performing engine in the market.
The power of the motor is transmitted through a gearmotor in 1:27 ratio. This means that the motor always works in an optimal engine revolution range, and it guarantees high efficiency and reactivity. Brose uses two freewheel systems, and this is really important to allow the complete exclusion of the electric motor when reaching the maximum speed of 25 km/h, imposed by the law, and above all when using the bike without the electric assistance, in order not to suffer the opposite power of the motor on the pedals when switched off. There are 3 sensors inside the motor: one of the torque, one of the pedaling cadence and one of rotation. Thanks to them the electric assistance is more reactive and balanced according to the needs of the rider. Brose allows to equip the motor with a double chain wheel.

The new S flex power mode engine is a combination of 2 software features. The new “Flex Power Mode”, exclusively available with the Drive S Mag, is a combination of two software features – Cadence Power Control (CPC) enabling up to 30 percent more support at higher cadences and Progressive Pedal Response (PPR) providing a fast drive response when pressure is applied to the pedals. For a confident handling even in the most advanced trails. Technical features: torque of 90 Nm, support up to 410%, super silent thanks to internal belt drive, greater dynamism of use even in extreme conditions, weight 2.9kg., 250 W engine power up to 25 km / h as per standard.






Display and controller

The Brose display is really intuitive and easy to use. There are 3 buttons for the following functions: switching on/off, lights regulation, selection of the information to visualize.
On the display it is possible to see the battery charge, the speed and the level of selected assistance. Using the “Menu” button you can see the total or trip distance and time, the average speed and the clock. Using the control on the left grip it’s possible to choose the assistance level among: cruise, tour, sport and change the information to visualize.
Brose has also the “walk assistance” mode that gives an acceleration until 6 km/h without pushing on the pedals.





The battery is one of the most important parts of the new e-mtb Bottecchia range. The principal aim of our designers and engineers was to develop a project to completely integrate the battery and the frame, without reducing the quality, creating a bicycle with an appealing design and high performance.
The battery has high quality lithium Sanyo cells powered by Panasonic, 36V 13.8Ah for a total power of 496.8Wh. It has a BMS smart system for data collection and cells safety, placed in a particular case that allows to charge the battery without taking it off from the frame.