Shimano Steps E5000


The lightest engine ever created so far by Shimano offers a smooth and natural riding experience and a power that can goes with you during all your daily activities. Built to withstand all the elements, the E5000 engine weighs just 2.5 kg for a feeling of lightness and easy handling. Power assistance options easily selectable and compact and silent control unit, help to ensure a natural riding feeling for pure comfort.

Display and controller

Aesthetic and easy to read Shimano display provides data such as speed, distance, travel time, time, ratio, estimated range, battery level and much more. Four exclusive display options that fit your needs. Multiple power assistance options for any kind of riding. Ergonomic change unit for a smooth transition between the 3 power assistance modes while riding.


The high autonomy 418 Wh lithium ion battery allows you to ride up to 185 km, giving you the freedom to choose the duration of your trips. The compact battery placed on the down tube also guarantees 1000 recharge cycles without significant loss of power.

Power assistance mode and relative autonomy / distance to be covered are calculated on the basis of the original tests carried out by Shimano with a 80 kg cyclist weighing traveling at a speed of 23 km/h on a flat road.