Electric evolution
The BeGreen Bottecchia range of products condenses the research and development of the technological and technical evolution of the e-bike industry both from the point of view of the mobility and the latest sporting approach. And it is on this new segment that we have increased the BeGreen range with new models and new engines.


Brose system has been projected to be perfectly suitable for any E-MTB design and geometry, thanks to the dimension and the design of the motor. This allowed to create a new e-mtb range with a clean and sporty design.
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SHIMANO STEPS E8000 is designed for off-road use, for those who want to face bigger challenges and move away from their own safety on their E-MTB. The new series SHIMANO STEPS E8000 guarantees the ultimate in fun, no matter what level of effort you want, it  offers more assistance for easy climbing, Is lightweight for easy maneuverability and spins the terrain to riders of any level. It will take you to places you could not reach before.
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SHIMANO STEPS 7000 is a new system of components for all-terrain electric MTB. It is built on the basis of cutting-edge technologies developed for the e-MTB E8000 system and in fact it uses the same measurements of size and installation. It offers the same driving sensations of a traditional mountain bike thanks to its reduced dimensions that allow installation on a frame with the same geometry.
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The lightest engine ever created so far by Shimano offers a smooth and natural riding experience and a power that can goes with you during all your daily activities. Built to withstand all the elements, the E5000 engine weighs just 2.5 kg for a feeling of lightness and easy handling. Power assistance options easily selectable and compact and silent control unit, help to ensure a natural riding feeling for pure comfort.
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With the FAZUA evation drive system, sportive riders solely gain support when they need it the most. So whenever starting or when facing uphill passages or headwinds, the system smoothly supports the rider.
A further unparalleled feature of the evation drive system, besides its light weight and the almost invisible integration within the frame, is its exceptional natural riding feeling with support. The drivepack can be added and removed with one click and allows a quick switch from a bike to a pedelec whenever you like.
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Bafang Max Drive System, has projected a competitive and appealing product, thanks to the great experience in the e-bike sector and the innovative research. Max Drive system is compatible with last generation designs and it has a sporty ride style thanks to the high torque of the motor.
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Bottecchia for 2019 presents its new project ETR 3, the new middle engine with which it equips some of the new BeGreen e-Bikes. ETR 3 is a really competitive and captivating product, with technical features at the height of its competitors, thanks also to the perfect integration with latest generation bikes geometries and to the combination with an integrated battery in the frame. Thanks to the design study carried out by Bottecchia, the ETR 3 is perfectly suited to both trekking bikes and MTBs thanks to the possibility of using different software.
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