1909, Teodoro Carnielli from Vittorio Veneto is a craftsman who repairs and builds bicycles and, first a supporter and then president of the local cycling association, immediately recognizes an exceptional talent in the young Ottavio Bottecchia.


After the consecration on Bici Automoto, of the incredible and magnificent talent of Bottecchia, Carnielli, with a great flair for business, proposed him to exploit the moment by putting a Bottecchia bike into production; the cyclist would earn royalties. Over the years, the small Carnielli workshop becomes an industry; between 1930 and 1940, the employees numbered around a hundred and built the Bottecchia bicycles, the Trionfo motorcycles and later the Vittoria motorcycles. The Bottecchia bike is produced in large numbers and in different versions; the one that gives the most satisfaction, however, is the racing model.

Teodoro Carnielli, more and more fanatic of competitions on two wheels, begins to sponsor cycling teams that use Bottecchia bicycles. In 1951 Guido Carnielli had a great idea: a bike to be used while on the spot, very useful for physical rehabilitation: the CYCLETTE was born, the first cycle camera in the world. In the early 1960s, Guido had another revolutionary intuition. In Italy these are the years of the economic boom, and the number of Italians who can afford the purchase of a car is increasing; so why not create a folding bicycle with small wheels suitable for being transported by car? For the production of that model, the Carnielli firm sustains a great economic effort. The GRAZIELLA, which takes its name from the Mondadori magazine that first advertised it, was designed in 1963 by Rinaldo Donzelli, the first mass-produced folding bicycle became a worldwide success. At the end of the 1960s, the old Teodoro handed over the baton to his sons Guido and Mario, who resumed promoting cycling with Bottecchia bikes and achieved more victories and many laurels for them.

In the mid-1990s, the Bottecchia brand, separate from the Carnielli brand, was taken over by the current shareholding structure which brought the company from Vittorio Veneto to its current headquarters in Cavarzere, in the province of Venice. Thus began the rebirth of the brand which aims at the world market through the strategic racing department, synonymous with stylistic and technological excellence.

For a century, Bottecchia bicycles have conquered the general public from all over the world with their design and technological innovations.

With its brands, Reparto Corse, Tempo Libero, BeGreen and Graziella, Bottecchia Cicli offers a complete range of bikes, from racing models designed for professionals, to elegant two-wheelers designed for daily use in the city, up to the electric line for meet the needs of green mobility. Bottecchia Cicli, in 2012, grows and enriches itself thanks to the arrival of the new Graziella, which reinterprets the legendary folding bicycle in a modern and technological key, an icon of the 60s of the Italian economic boom.

The long history and international success of the Bottecchia brand are founded on solid foundations and concrete values ​​that have allowed our company to become a worldwide point of reference thanks to the wide range of bikes that adapt to all targets, satisfying the needs of every cyclist with the superior quality of our products. We offer a punctual and efficient service, with timely deliveries, allowing maximum planning flexibility to our customers. We base all dealings and relationships on mutual esteem and integrity, satisfaction and the utmost respect for our customers.

Professional Integrity: We are committed every day to managing relationships with our customers and suppliers according to high professional standards and to work diligently to be respected around the world. We always apply our principles in all relationships, both external and corporate, to jointly create a working environment conducive to individual and corporate success.

Respect: we believe that people are our greatest resource, and for this reason we try to provide the best possible work environment, conducive to creative and operational thinking, in a serene and stimulating atmosphere.

Long-term relationships: whether they are our customers or suppliers, we believe it is essential to establish relationships that last over time, based on respect and trust. Relationships with key partners are one of the most important factors in our success. We rely exclusively on highly qualified personnel and we are very attentive to the needs of each customer, guaranteeing maximum assistance and the best attention to real needs and requirements.

Quality: We continually strive to improve manufacturing processes and ensure customer satisfaction. Our company is made up of technicians and professionals who operate within the times, ways and methods defined by the company management system in compliance with the laws and technical regulations of the sector with the constant search for the best performance to always guarantee a product of the highest quality.

Research and innovation: we continuously invest to improve and increase our know-how, one of the strongest values ​​of our company. We are convinced that innovation is our main source of growth, and for this reason our R&D department continues to develop new technologies and ideas to increase the satisfaction of our customers with innovative and cutting-edge projects.


All successes are built with passion, courage and enthusiasm; but above all with dedication and preparation. Because great results are not improvised. Ottavio Bottecchia knew this well when in 1924 he realized the first dream of all Italian cyclists: to arrive in Paris in the yellow jersey. Since that distant and historic day, Bottecchia bicycles have left their mark on the history of cycling several times. Bicycles handcrafted by expert craftsmen at the beginning of the last century. Bottecchia also aims to be a point of reference in the sector for the new millennium, thanks to its know-how that skilfully combines tradition and cutting-edge technology.

Today Bottecchia with its network of Agents is present throughout the national territory with about 300 dealers and in Europe through distributors in Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Denmark and Slovenia, Holland, Japan, Spain, Australia, Canada.


With a complete range, from racing to mountain bikes, from the “green nature” to the “city” line, from the super light to the junior line, up to electric bicycles, Bottecchia offers the best for approaching cycling, experiencing it in freedom and harmony with nature, to impose itself on all types of terrain, steal seconds from the chronometer and meters from the adversaries: many proposals for racing on the roads of technology, with the wind of legend.

It is our primary commitment to provide safe, healthy working conditions in full compliance with the laws and technical regulations of the sector, in the constant search for the best performance of our products, to always guarantee the fulfillment of the requirements and the satisfaction of Customers and Parties Interested. Bottecchia prefers to invest in raising the quality level of its processes and products, rather than increasing quantities and productivity. “Higher quality, instead of greater quantity”.

Bottecchia has developed and maintains a set of “rules” and documented practices, aimed at ensuring a coherent and effective development of its activities. Each internal resource has defined tasks and duties, for which Bottecchia undertakes to ensure the possession or acquisition of the necessary expertise. All this in order to collaborate constructively to achieve the defined objectives in order to continuously improve.

Furthermore, in order to improve the management of the working conditions of all personnel, Bottecchia has implemented and maintained a safety management system and undertakes as a priority to satisfy the legislative requirements concerning health and safety in the workplace and to prevent accidents and occupational diseases, implementing all the measures deemed necessary and useful to eliminate the dangers and reduce the risks to the health and safety of its collaborators.


The following Policy aims to be the synthesis of the corporate strategies, the consequence of the management result and the basis for the new objectives for the period aimed at:

  • set up a reference for the sector by enhancing the technological contents and the design of the products;
  • guarantee and demonstrate the constant commitment of the organization to continuous improvement, to customer satisfaction; in particular, the Management undertakes to inform and train the staff and to raise awareness of the role through periodic meetings;
  • seek through possible technological innovations the constant improvement of the overall company performance and of the products offered;
  • develop data collection and research the causes of internal anomalies or anomalies affecting safety to remove them and improve the efficiency of the company system;
  • increase attention and care in monitoring processes, in order to limit fluctuations in performance;
  • encourage collaboration and cooperation between internal resources, in order to also improve staff satisfaction and safety;
  • improve everyone’s awareness of the importance that corporate human resources have in achieving objectives and in continuous improvement.

The Management undertakes to periodically review and update this document and to transmit it to all personnel to allow the definition of coherent and specific objectives in each company area; it also undertakes to make the policy available to the Interested Parties and to communicate it to its Suppliers.


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