EMME 4 FUGA, the frame celebrating the winner of the BREAKAWAY CLASSIFICATION of the Giro d’Italia 2022.

 Drone Hopper Androni Giocattoli Team

When you spend most of your Giro on the breakaway, it doesn’t take many more words to explain who you are.

Mattia Bais once said in an interview: “The freedom of the breakaway is something different from the freedom of cycling. On the breakaway you have to want to go. It is about that freedom that only fatigue allows you to conquer. There is no freedom, without effort. Savio immediately understood all the meaning that the breakaway has for me, being alone in front of imposing your own rhythm. “

This is why we wanted to dedicate a custom frame to Mattia, the winner of the BREAKAWAY classification of the Giro 2022.

Courage, combativeness, legs and heart, this is what is contained in that dot in the wake drawn at the head of the frame. Only in his adventure, to follow his instinct with determination, to believe in it kilometer after kilometer. Behind him, the group of runners chase him, that swarm of points hungry for seconds, who can only follow the fugitive in the lead.

This is the graphics of EMME 4 FUGA, the celebratory livery of the FUGA, a concept dear to Bottecchia, synonymous with courage, conquest, the will to stand out from the group and pursue their own path.

The graphics are drawn on the new 2023 Fire color, which will be available on the top-of-the-range road models in the new collection.