Where can I find a Bottecchia catalog?

It is possible to download the Bottecchia catalogs at the following link

Can I customize Bottecchia bikes from the catalog?

The bikes of the Reparto Corse are customizable in the components, which can be changed from those proposed in the catalog among the alternatives proposed. For all information on the available customizations you can contact your local authorized dealer. The Tempo Libero and BeGreen bikes cannot be customized with respect to the set-ups proposed in the catalog.

Why does the Bottecchia bike I just bought have a different component than the catalog?

Some components of Bottecchia bikes may differ from those in the catalog for reasons of supply and / or updating of the product. Bottecchia Cicli reserves the right to make changes or updates without prior notice, using alternative components of equal or superior quality and performance, having as its policy the pursuit of continuous qualitative and aesthetic improvements.

How can I keep the performance of my Bottecchia bike unchanged over time?

Proper and constant basic maintenance will increase the life and reliability of your Bottecchia bicycle. Already after 200/400 km traveled and in any case within 2 months of purchase, it is essential to carry out the first check, since the parts of your Bottecchia settle down during the running-in period. It is not possible to avoid this process of “maturation” and the former inspection greatly affects the future operation of the bicycle and its durability. For this it is necessary to set a deadline with your dealer for the 1st “coupon”. For subsequent maintenance, establish your intervention times in agreement with the dealer according to the conditions of use of the bike. This program is based on normal use, but if you have above average use, perform maintenance more frequently. If any part appears to be faulty or has abnormal signs, check them immediately and service immediately or see your dealer.

I have a vintage Bottecchia bike, can you tell me the year of manufacture and the model name?

For dating and information on Bottecchia bikes prior to the 2000s you can contact and refer to what is reported in the Bottecchia cycle historical register

Are there any weight limits for the cyclist?

Bottecchia bikes are designed and tested on the basis of a total load (rider + equipment + bike) of 120 kg. Exceptions are EMME 4 SLI which supports up to 100 kg, and AEROSPACE up to 110 kg.

What kind of bike is right for me?

Reparto Corse offers a line of professional and highly performing bikes suitable for specific use on the road or dirt roads. On our site, each product page provides information and intended use. BeGreen is the line dedicated to pedal assisted bikes with electric support. The models vary from running, to MTB, trekking and folding. This type of bike allows you to exercise anyway but reaching your destination faster with less effort. Tempo Libero is the line dedicated to those who love outdoor sports and move in an ecological and independent way. MTB, trekking, city and junior bikes are part of this category.

What’s my size?

To check your size you can consult the table on the product page, section “frame geometries”. However, for all Bottecchia bikes, we recommend that you contact your local authorized dealer to evaluate together the position on the saddle and the suitable size.