How long is the warranty of my Bottecchia bike?

All Bottecchia products are guaranteed by law for 2 years (24 months) from the date indicated in the proof of purchase issued by the authorized dealer. For the pedal assisted bikes of the BeGreen line, the 2-year warranty is valid for all mechanical parts and for the electric motor, while it is 1 year for all electrical / electronic parts including batteries.

Who can recognize the warranty on my Bottecchia bike?

Requests for warranty service should be made to the retailer where you purchased the product. If this is not possible, you can contact one of our authorized dealers by showing the proof of purchase. In this second case, the retailer has the right to request a refund for transport and labor costs.

Are there any costs not covered by the warranty?

The warranty by Bottecchia Cicli does not include the costs of labor, transport and any consecutive costs caused by defects.

When is the warranty no longer valid?

A prerequisite for the guarantee is the correct use of the bicycle and good maintenance. A check is indicated within the first 500 km or four months of purchase and a general maintenance carried out at least once a year by the Bottecchia dealer. Specifically, the warranty is no longer valid on: – products purchased from an unauthorized Bottecchia dealer. – products whose identification codes have been removed, altered, canceled or made illegible. – parts subject to normal wear. – damage caused by abuse or improper use, incorrect assembly, incorrect or insufficient maintenance, accidents, blows, corrosion, the use of aggressive cleaners, use with incompatible products, repairs not carried out correctly. – the effects of exposure to UV rays (discoloration, yellowing). – the effects of the saline environment. – products that have undergone modifications. – products with non-original spare parts. – aesthetic defects that were easily detectable at the time of purchase of the product.

I bought a second hand bike from a friend. Is the warranty still valid?

The warranty is valid only for the original purchaser and is not transferable.

What documents do I need to enforce the warranty of my Bottecchia bike?

Proof of purchase (invoice or sales receipt) is required for the warranty.