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The winning squad doesn’t change: the 2019 team has been fully confirmed.

All the Reds have been reconfirmed for this 2020. In fact the Team Manager Alessio Finetto, assisted this year by Efrem Bonelli and Roberto Tonoli, decided that there was no need to make grafts in the team: “The team has found its balance: we have experienced men who are affectionate as youngsters who are pawing. And this year, to help me out, I will have Efrem Bonelli, an athlete who has grown up with us and who has decided to make himself available to the team “. Bonelli adds: “Yes, this year I will have the dual function of athlete / sports director because of various problems that do not allow me to be at the top. I am excited to give support to the team but also, if the physical condition allows it, to bring home some good results anyway “.

The athletes will be 5: the Elite Stefano Dal Grande, Marcello Pavarin, Marco D’Agostino and Efrem Bonelli and the Under23 Emanuele Tonoli. The captain will be Stefano Dal Grande who will aim to do well in the most important marathons and become a regular player in the national team. Efrem Bonelli and Marcello Pavarin will have the task of giving the right advice and “giving” their experience to the youngest members of the team, namely Marco D’Agostino and Emanuele Tonoli. “Marcello Pavarin is the classic team man,” continues Bonelli, “bearing in mind that this year he will also have the task of directly following the preparation of our athletes thanks to his ‘Power and Ride’ center.

An optimal preparation for our athletes as seen that Marcello will be able to get feedback and impressions in real time. And then let’s not forget the athletic qualities of Pavarin who could put his hand in many races “. We focus a lot on the young Marco D’Agostino and Emanuele Tonoli: Marco D’Agostino has all the credentials to be a top athlete of the national team in the years to come. He has shown excellent qualities and exceptional driving: technically we can say he is among the best and he really enjoys cycling. Perhaps this is the reason why it is easy for him to ride a bike. Emanuele Tonoli has already brought home important results at an absolute level and we are waiting for the qualitative leap that could come shortly. He is definitely working hard to make this happen.