A few weeks ago, during the Italian Moto2 Grand Prix held in the Mugello circuit, we had the pleasure of meeting an extraordinary rider, who shares the same passion for racing, speed and two wheels with us.

Celestino Vietti, class 2001, of grit has to sell and is demonstrating this in this Moto2 World Championship with the Fantic Racing team. Celestino made his world championship debut in 2018 in Moto3, and then in 2021 in Moto2.

For his road bike training, Celestino could not but run with the top of the range of Bottecchia EMME4 SQUADRA, the road bike designed for professionals.

Celestino Vietti commented: “I was amazed by how light EMME4 is, it is really a great bike and surely in this break I will try to take advantage of it as much as possible in a bit of relaxation and a bit of laps to have fun, it will definitely be a great workout. I’m also really happy with the choice of colors, which match perfectly with those of the team, is really wonderful. I want to thank Bottecchia because it was really a great pleasure to be able to touch the product of a fantastic company like theirs.”

A super fast and responsive bike, stable and rigid but also super light.  EMME 4 SQUADRA has the best frame ever, made with Monolith technology able to produce a real monocoque in total absence of junction points. A perfect combination that becomes pure speed and performance.

What makes the difference is compared to other road bikes, is the EMME4 frame of 830 grams only, produced with MONOLITH technology that allows you to have, through the particular configuration of the mold, one true monocoque in total absence of points of junction between the anterior quadrilateral and the rear stay.

The complete integration of cables to optimize aerodynamics is achieved not only in the chassis but also in the handlebars, thanks to the Internal Routing Cables technology.

For Celestino top set-up with Campagnolo Record Disk groupset and Ursus TC 37 Disk carbon wheels.

We have always been close to athletes to achieve higher and higher performance, to overcome limits and aim for more and more ambitious goals. The same objectives that also Celestino chases on the tracks of the Moto Mondiale riding his motorbike.

We just have to follow Celestino in his next bike training, and of course cheer for him on the tracks of the World Championship!