Research & Developement

“Continuous research,  refined design and strong passion. We worked next to the professional athletes of our teams, we payed attention to every single detail, and with the Reperto Corse collection we want to give you even more: innovation, power and heart. That’s all we believe in, the reason for we work every day, the motor that weak us up. Behind every bike there are people who believe in the vision of Reparto Corse and work hard to give to all our customers a really unique experience.”

firma-Turato - Copia



Professional manufacturing, best materials and innovative technologies are the guarantee of our products. All Bottecchia bikes are projected and designed I Italy by our Research & Development center, by ensuring high quality and performance for every type of frame.


The technology and the tradition of Made in Italy takes shape in the projects EMME 3 GARA and EMME 695. For these products, in every single step from the development to the production, test and finishing touches  the Made in Italy is guarantee. This allows to have an efficient quality control and to customize the product according to the requests of the customer. An handmade production made in our venetian laboratories, with tradition, innovation and experience.


The continuous innovation of our Research & Developement depend also on the technologies we use to project and develop our product. Discover our technologies



From 2016 the research & development department wants to get higher with a laboratory dedicated to the study, design and production of special models signed RedLab, with the particular color. Discover the RedLab laboratory⇒