MFT This technology allows to create a real monocoque frame. The total absence of junction points between the front quadrilateral and the rear stays helps to lighten the weight of the frame. The homogeneity of the distribution of carbon fibers over the entire length of the frame pushes elasticity and reactivity to the highest levels.







Grazie mille


ATB Aluminium Triple Butted 6069. Aluminium 6069 alloy that makes the frame lighter but keeps the same stiffness and resistance.


S120 the Stiffness test result, shows the ratio between the applied power N (Newton) and the frame distirtion in mm (millimeters). Much more high is this result, much more stiff will be the frame.


S125 the Stiffness test result, shows the ratio between the applied power N (Newton) and the frame distirtion in mm (millimeters). Much more high is this result, much more stiff will be the frame.


IDS: Integrated Dynamic System. Innovative integrated seat post system that allows saddle height adjustment up to 80 mm.


IRC Internal Routing Cable. System cables internally in the frame.


SWT Smooth Welding Technology. New welding technique, that makes invisible the tubes’ connection.


IPB Integrated Postmount Brake. Rear disk brake connection, integrated into the chainstay to have a smaller tension of the rear side, giving a stronger breaking power.


RSP Rear Suspension Proactive. Rear suspension system which is always efficient both in braking which in pedaling. Designed to maintain unchanged the chain length in phase damping thus avoiding transmission problems.


TiRS Titanium Reinforced Rear Stay. Tirs is a titanium reinforcement integrated in the carbon, in the area of the rear stay, with a variable thickness. It gives more stability to the bike when pushing. 17% more stability in the area of the rear stay.


UAR Ultimate Asymmetric Rear Stay. The asymmetry of the rear stay has been studied to give more powerful to the frame; even when it is exposed to heavy cargos the asymmetry balances, taking the maximum advantage from the pedaling which transfers the power from the pedals to the asphalt.


BCG Bottecchia Competition Geometry. All the experience of the Racing Department focused in the development and design professional products.


USRS Ultra Slim Rear Stay. This concept highlights the extremely thin shape of the seatstays which as well as lighten the frame, give exceptional comfort thanks to the characteristics of elasticity.


AFT Aerodynamic Frame Technology. Frame designed according to aerodynamic studies and programs, together with the frame integration of some components.


DMMT Double Mold Monocoque Technology. With this construction technique of carbon frames of the latest generation are eliminated all possible internal imperfections. This is made possible by an internal support which maintains stable the layup process of carbon. The process of compaction of the fibers is continuously controlled during the “cooking” by the double mold, which allows the production to higher pressures than the traditional use of the “plastic bag” giving the final product a resistance 20% higher and a lower weight .


FMC Full Carbon Monocoque. Frame made entirely of carbon fiber by mold.


BCP Bonded Carbon Process. Production process using the technique of tube to tube that gives the undisputed qualities of rigidity and lightness. All this severely PRODUCT HAND MADE IN ITALY.


HPG High Performance Geometry. Geometry developed to offer maximum performance on frames mtb wheels with 27.5 “and 29”.

Multi performances brakes system

MPBS Multi Performance Brakes System. Innovative technological system that makes the racing frame available both with disk brakes and Caliper Direct Mount.


PFS Press Fit System. High power during the sprint. The bearings stay into the BB SET and so inside the frame. The oversized measure assures extreme twisting stiffness and weight reduction, beyond great maintenance facility.


ADB Aluminium Double Butted. 6061 series aluminum alloy characterized by good resistance and excellent ductility. Heat treated acquires technical characteristics are ideal for use in the field of cycling.


DPB Dual Pivot Brake. +20% of power when breaking and more safety and stability above all in long downhill straight roads, thanks to the innovative DualPivot braking system.


BHF Bottecchia Hydroformed Frame. Aluminum tubes of complex shapes that increase the resistance of the structure, obtained through a delicate process of hydraulic forming.


THT Tapered Head Tube. Head tube with diameter 1” 1/8 up and 1”1/2 down. Is the best technical solution for the front end, improve stability and riding precision.