Presentazione 3

Yesterday, in conjunction with the presentation of the Androni Giocattoli Sidermec team, the new EMME 4 Squadra, the official bike of the team that will run the 101th Giro d’Italia, was officially presented. The vernissage was held in the splendid setting of the Concorde hotel in Arona, on Lake Maggiore.

In the first part of the presentation the team manager Gianni Savio illustrated the new season’s framework for the Italian champions, also tracing the very first balance of the season’s races, which have already brought four successes to the Androni Giocattoli Sidermec. In Arona there were riders and team staff, who from Sunday to Laigueglia started to defend the Italian team title.

Presentazione 1

The new creature from the Red Lab laboratory was officially presented to the press and to the team, which has already shown a strong appreciation for the new bike.

To celebrate this great return to the Giro, the top of the Reparto Corse range created EMME 4 Squadra, a limited edition dedicated to the Italian Champion team.

Made with the new MONOLITH technology that allows you to create the frame in one piece, EMME 4 Squadra is born as a real monocoque. The total absence of junction points between the front quadrilateral and the rear carrier helps to lighten the weight of the frame. Moreover, thanks to the homogeneity of the distribution of carbon fibers over the entire length of the frame, the elasticity and reactivity are pushed to the highest levels, making EMME 4 Squadra one of the best performing road bikes.


Emme 4 Squadra_dettaglio3

This special frame is produced by reinforcing the points of greater stress, to increase its rigidity and reactivity. Those who pedal on the EMME 4 Squadra have the distinct sensation of driving an extremely stable and responsive chassis that maximizes driving precision in the most extreme conditions.

The uniqueness of this model is also found in the numbering. 101 frames produced with the utmost attention to detail to give life to those who experience a unique experience in the saddle.

EMME 4 Squadra will be available from the first March in the original Dura Ace 22s team with Fulcrum Racing Speed 55 Tubular wheels, and to order in any other configuration foreseen by our catalog.

Bottecchia on the occasion of the 101 Giro d’Italia gives its fans the chance to win one of these specimens with the contest “Get into the Giro“. At stake, besides the EMME 4 Squadra ambiance, the official uniforms of the Androni Giocattoli Sidermec team. Rules and procedures for participation will be published shortly on the bottecchia.com website.