Emanuele Tonoli,  new entry 2018 Bottecchia Factory Team.


Hello Emanuele, tell us a little about you.

Which superstitious ritual do you do before an important race?
I do not have a particular ritual that I do before competing, except ok drinking a lot of beet juice.

How do you keep your diet close to the races? What do you eat the evening before a race?
A lot of pasta or rice, especially in the evening, accompanied by meat or fish but very little vegetables.

The best memory of your career?
The first victory at Rivoli Veronese, I was not expecting it at all.

The most difficult moment?
In 2017 in Croatia when for the first time I had real cramps, stuck on the ground crying only 1km from the finish line.

When did you ride the the first bicycle?
At 2 years old, in the Netherlands.

How many hours on average do you train every day?
About two hours every day.

When you’re not busy with training and competitions, what are your favorite hobbies?
I go fishing occasionally in the winter, while in the summer I dive into the lake all day.

The champion you’re inspired by?
For the moment no one, I still have to understand where I want to arrive.

What is the race that you would like to win?
The Hero, and in general all the most extreme marathons.

Do you listen to music when you prepare yourself for a competition? A favorite artist?
No, no music, whatever I do I always want to hear what’s around me.

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