A great Giro for the Androni Giocattoli Sidermec, and numbers are demonstrating this.

The pink race number 101 has been honored by the champion team of Italy. At least one rider in the brackaway of each stage: this is the small big record with which the Androni Giocattoli Sidermec leaves the Giro d’Italia. Over two thousand kilometers of breakaway from Israel to Rome: each of the riders has been exposed on more than one occasion. And if that of the breakaway is certainly a fact that ended up making the sponsors very happy – the Androni Giocattoli Sidermec jersey was among the most seen in the whole Giro – the other one that catches the eye on the excellent Gianni Savio’s race behavior is the 12th position in the Giro team classification, where he defeated the Sky of the Froome winner. A clear sign of the excellent condition with which the whole Androni Giocattoli Sidermec presented itself at the start, so much so that it was able to do better in the ranking at the time of one third of the world tour teams. As evidence of the form, determination and desire to do well for Androni Giocattoli Sidermec, which was part of the Giro stage after two years, it should be noted that all eight runners who have started from Jerusalem have managed to conclude the three weeks of plenty of travel. Only five other teams, out of twenty-two, brought all the personnel to Rome.

Said of the team as a whole, we must remember the brilliant victories of Marco Frapporti in the classification of the escapes (640 kilometers in the open for him) and Davide Ballerini in the ranking of flying goals and combativeness. All three awards have brought the colors of Androni Giocattoli Sidermec to the final podium in Rome.

Finally, there are to remember the third place of Mattia Cattaneo in Prato Nevoso, the great escape of Masnada to the Gran Sasso and so on with the sprints of Belletti, the extensions of Vendrame, the Torres escapes, the infinite ones of Frapporti who it won the special classification, Gavazzi’s placings and Ballerini’s inexhaustible strength, first in two rankings. The Androni Giocattoli Sidermec closed for eleven times in the top ten stage of the Giro.

Natural that the fine words of the team manager Gianni Savio, who directed the training with the usual attention and determination: “I am proud of the results of the guys at this Giro. Once again we honored the race. In addition we set a small record, but still a record, becoming the only team with at least one runner on the run at each stage ». Lastly, the mention of the podiums of Rome: “Going on the final podium is always a great honor and for this we have to congratulate Marco Frapporti, the leading interpreter of the escapes, and Davide Ballerini, first in flying goals and in combativeness” . At the end, the team manager of Androni Giocattoli Sidermec wanted to underline then “the validity of the young team project, started last year with good successes and continued this year with the same vigor at the beginning of the season and on the roads of a Tour really good for us ».