Dal Grande won the 1000 Grobbe Bike and the 100km of the Classic. Tonoli wins in the Juniores category. 6th place for Bonelli in the Marathon and two beautiful podiums for Visinelli and Pavarin at the XC del Piave and Atestina Superbike.


5 athletes and 5 positive results in this magnificent weekend. It all started with a row of victories by Stefano Dal Grande, able to win all the stages of the 1000 Grobbe Bike including the last, and most prestigious, 100km dei Forti Classic. Dal Grande comes from a series of victories and results of thickness that lead him to be considered a reference athlete in the national scene and beyond.

Emanuele Tonoli, one of the most interesting young rider at the national level, ended with an excellent 23rd place that earned him the victory in the Juniores category. Also present Efrem Bonelli in the Marathon course where there were many of the strongest athletes in the world. Bonelli once again proves to be one of the best marathon riders on a national level, finishing with a fantastic 6th place.

There are also other prestigious results coming from the XC Del Piave and from the Superbike Summit where the experts Marcello Pavarin and Rafael Visinelli finish on the podium, precisely in 3rd place.