In Brusson, in Valle D’Aosta, victory for Dal Grande and 3rd place for Tonoli.

Sunday 21 July, Stefano Dal Grande and Emanuele Tonoli were present for the second edition of the beautiful MONTEROSA PRESTIGE on the 52km Classic route.

In a truly spectacular setting at 7:30 am, more than 500 athletes set off from the 92 km marathon course and the 52km Classic course.

The first 45 km the route was the same so the first few bars were divided between various top athletes.

Ours have passed through the three points established for assistance on time, indeed we can say that arriving from a period of rest Stefano and Emanuele had a leg that gave signs of excellent shape. And we saw the result at the finish line. Everything went well, even though during the 52 km they could certainly not let their guard down. Stefano Dal Grande climbs onto the first step of the podium, while Emanuele Tonoli closes the race very well in third position.

At the end of the race the comment on the course was positive. Truly a great path of true mtb. All at the foot of the Monterosa glacier.

Even in this situation, our Red Eagle has proven to be a truly high-performance bike that can ride well in all situations.

To signal the return to the track also for Marco D’Agostino, who took part in the Kronplatz King in South Tyrol