Alla D’Annunzio Bike, Dal Grande almost reach the victory and Pavarin is third at the XCO “Tra Adige e Gorzone”.

A respectful starting grid on the Gardone lakefront. At 9:30 am the departure and our athletes see them already in the first positions. As soon as you leave the lake you pass in front of the Vittoriale degli Italiani, the historic home of Gabriele D’Annunzio and on a very scenic stretch you reach San Michele where you enter the heart of the race. First with a nice single track then the famous time trial climb “Pirel col Krono” to reach the highest point at 1000 meters the Pirelli. Then a dive all downhill very funny and fast. The race was commanded by the trio composed of Cattaneo, Dal Grande and Rebagliati. Followed a few minutes by D’Agostino, who lost a teammate and consequently the possibility of playing as a team. Stefano did not give up and finished the race in second position with a spectacular sprint fought with Cattaneo at the Vittoriale. Marco comes in fourth but with good advantage over his pursuer. Tonoli’s performance was also excellent, coming in eleventh.

While in Veneto our Marcello Pavarin has conquered a third step of the podium at the “xco tra Adige e Gorzone”

Congratulations to our Factory Team!