For us at Bottecchia, the Giro d’Italia is much more than a race: for us the Giro d’Italia is a question of passion and history.

It is the passion for a beautiful sport that allows millions of people to see their heroes dart a few centimeters, almost to be able to hear their breath. It is not you who go to see the Giro: it is the Giro that passes by people’s homes and inflames their spirits.

Boys, girls, grandparents with their grandchildren, children with their mothers: all there, waiting for hours and hours to see the group; it’s a matter of moments, seconds. Maybe minutes. And we like to see the cheering that everyone does for athletes and their bicycles, without distinction: in cycling there are no factions. In cycling the athletic gesture is always supported.

And we in Bottecchia love it when our Drone Hopper – Androni Giocattoli boys go to the attack: cycling is the only sport where only the bravest, the most daring flee. And our boys have courage to sell. Always there, in front of the battle, wind in the face and belly to the ground. It is this spirit that has always distinguished our athletes; this is how Bottecchia won stages and Giro d’Italia. This is how Ottavio was the first Italian to win the Tour de France in 1924.

In our hearts and in those of our fans the memories of the victory of Gianni Motta of the 49th edition of the Giro are alive, of Giuseppe Saronni who in 1979 won his first Giro d’Italia with Bottecchia bikes, of Stefano Garzelli who in 2010 won the 16th stage and by Fausto Masnada who in 2019 won the 6th stage.

All successes that have one thing in common: they were determined by courage and audacity. Thus the CEO of Bottecchia, Diego Turato, commenting on the wild card obtained for the Giro d’Italia: “For us it is an honor to be at the start of this 105th Giro d’Italia, supporting the guys of the Drone Hopper – Androni Giocattoli , a partnership that has lasted for many years now. Let’s review in this group of athletes and managers an approach and values ​​very similar to those of our brand, values ​​made of tenacity and perseverance, which always lead to great results. I am sure that the guys from Savio and Bellini will be able to honor the race as they always have, and I am sure that you will see our bikes in front of them, giving battle and thrilling the fans; big and small.”