Area Zero in Croazia per il GB Laguna

Ancona (AN), 13 February, 2015 – Team Area Zero-D’Amico-Bottecchia is starting off the season with an international appointment this weekend on the roads of Croatia, in the GP Lagua to be held on Sunday, February 15th, in Porec, Istria.

“We’re coming to this race after our retreat these last few weeks in Massa Marittima (Grosseto) where the team, riders and staff, all got together to train under the guidance of sports director Massimo Codol. ” explains Ivan De Paolis, team manager for Area Zero-D’Amico-Bottecchia.
“The first competitive events will be an excellent proving grounds to test ourselves, further amalgamate the group and get into the racing rhythm,” continues De Paolis. “As for people, the team has been largely renovated but once again this season we continue to count on the green line with a project aimed especially at nurturing young riders who wish to scrupulously follow that code of ethics and behaviour that has distinguished us since the beginning.”
“With commitment and great determination we are carrying on the project we started last season. We can count on the support of our sponsors who renewed their commitment to us after the hard work and the good results we obtained in 2014; especially D’Amico and Bottecchia, who are the team’s main sponsors. But there are also new important names that have shown faith in us, both with technical supplies and sponsorships, and this gives us confidence and boosts our morale so we can better take on 2015″ explains De Paolis.

15/02/2015 GP Laguna (Cro) UCI 1.2
Riders: Giorgio Bocchiola, Adriano Brogi, Thomas Capocchi, Gabriele Campello, Paolo Ciavatta, Silvio Giorni, Davide Leone, Nicola Poletti.
D.s.: Massimo Codol.