Ancona (AN), 26 February, 2015 – Area Zero-D’Amico-Bottecchia’s season is progressing. On Sunday, March 1st, the Italian continental formation led by Ivan De Paolis will be lining up for the start of the GP Izola Butan Plin in Slovenia, a race in which Area Zero obtained an excellent second place last year.

“Beyond the result that may be achieved in this phase, every race represents a new opportunity for growth,” explains Sports Director Massimo Codol. “In Slovenia I expect to see the entire team take another small step forward, especially those riders who can count on being in better shape at the moment. The more experienced riders like Paolo Ciavatta and Antonio Parrinello are growing. The Gp Izola doesn’t have a very selective route, so there will probably be a group sprint arrival and among our guys those most suited to this kind of arrival could be Silvio Giorni and Giorgio Bocchiola. Last week at the Trofeo Laigueglia, where we went up against teams and riders of the highest level, we managed to stand out right away with Adriano Brogi in the right break, which went on to light up a major part of the race. This is the right spirit in which to improve and grow. This is the way we should interpret the races, we always want to see this determination from our guys.”

In Slovenia, Iltjan Nika will be making his debut in the Area Zero-D’Amico-Bottecchia jersey. “He’s an Albanian guy, born in 1995, who has lived in Italy for many years, developing here as a cyclist,” explains Ds Codol. “He’s a very promising rider; in 2013 as a Junior he managed to capture the bronze medal at the World Cup in Florence behind riders such as the Dutchman Mathieu Van Der Poel and the Danish Mads Pedersen. We hope that he can play an important role in the global economy of our team.”

01/03 Gp Izola (Slo) UCI 1.2
Riders: Giorgio Bocchiola, Adriano Brogi, Paolo Ciavatta, Silvio Giorni, Davide Leone, Iltjan Nika, Antonio Parrinello, Nicola Poletti.
D.s.: Massimo Codol.