Yesterday has been the official debut for the team composed by Kevin Filipozzi, Marcello Pavarin and Efrem Bonelli. It has been the perfect situation for testing the conditions of the team and returning to competitive mood, thanks to the sunny weather and springy temperatures.

A lot of popular athletes took part in the competition, with an international parterre. Efrem and Marcello started very well, remaining among the first group although the initial difficulties, but a mechanical problem put out of the competition Marcello, who was compelled to quit the race. The first competition of the season is a trial also for the materials, that have to stand the real test. Same lot for Kevin, who had to slow down because of a puncture that forced him to stop. Efrem, with a very good performance, arrived to the last climb still in the first group and finished at 15th position, although he missed the last curve before the arrival, loosing precious positions during the final sprint.

Next appointment to Granfondo Tre Valli where the Team Bottecchia will be always ready to compete. You are welcome to the Expo Area, where we will be present with our stand!