AREA ZERO D’AMICO BOTTECCHIA | The “green line” project for the younger continues

It has been a competitive monday, this 25th April, for the younger athletes of the team. The continental team directed by Ivan De Paolis has presented its Under23 athletes at the start of the 71° Gran Premio della Liberazione.  The big international competition has been ridden in Rome, on the traditional circuit of Terme di Caracalla, 23 laps for 138 km.

These the impression of the team manager Ivan De Paolis before the race: “This year we decided with our Under 23 group to partecipate in some important amateur competitions. The GP Liberazione has a main role in the schedule, with 200 riders of best Italian teams and also many teams representing foreign countries. The history says that who wins here, usually has a future as a professional. 25th April is not only an important date for Italy and its history and republic, but also for all us Italians and it’a pleasure to honor it in this way.”

At the GP Liberazione the team presented 6 riders who represented 4 different countries (Italy, Albania, Spain and Venezuela). Our Luis Mora, very active during the race, has been the protagonist and winner of the sprint of the day.

For our young riders this is a big occasion to grow and live a great experience. Two of them, the Spanish Gines and the Venezuelan Mora come from the Giro del Trentino, where they rode with some of the best cyclists in the world. We are making big efforts and hard work and this gives us the right motivation to go on!” says the team manager.

Riders: Francesco Baldi, Pietro Di Genova, Daniel Martin Gines, Dvide Leone, Iltjan Nika, Luis Mora.
Team coach: Pasquale Di Roberto.