BOTTECCHIA FACTORY TEAM | Bonelli 2° at Fornaci Bike and Pavarin 21° at Marathon World Series

Spilimbergo (Pordenone). Rain and wind for the edition 21, stage of UCI Marathon Series. On the GPM of the Monte Pala there was also some snow. A very demanding 104 km long path, with a time of 4h29’04” for the winner Urs Huber.
At the start our Marcello Pavarin, who is finding  race after race his best condition. Marcello ended the hard race with a great 21th placement.

The other athletes of the Bottecchia Factory team were engaged in other competitions.

In Porto Viro (Rovigo) Efrem Bonelli went really close to the victory at the 11° Fornaci Bike race. Efrem reached a beautiful second place, after Enrico Franzoi,  Wilier rider. More than 200 bikers at the start for a 8 km long path with times of 20 minutes and 27 km/h speed average.  Our Efrem was in the first positions already after the first lap, and he had to face Franzoi for the rest of the race fighting for the victory until the end.