Words came out on the spur of the moment, while I was downloading the photos and thinking about all the story… the bicycle has been the motor of the journey, and I think that I use it every day to go to work, the satisfaction and a special thanks are obligatory.”

Manuel tells us his story! A trip of more 600 km, a big passion for the two wheels and an amazing companion on the road!

I bought in Jenuary 2008 a Sport Trekking Bottecchia bike model 780 Man. I use it every single day to go to work ( about 15-20 km) and to carry kids to school.

In these 8 years I tread about 30.000 km, and last week I joined a group of six bike touring lovers to tread the Monaco-Venice: 620 km and 5800 meters of difference in high, half of them on white cycling lane.

From the original version I recently changed due to the wear the chain ring, the cassette, the chain, and the rims, keeping all the rest as it was (frame, fork, handlebar, etc.)

The others of the group had 5 new bike touring bicycles, and the sixth had a last generation mountain bike. I have to say that I surprised everyone with my Bottecchia Sport Trekking perfectly functioning, reliable and suitable for the journey.
The solution with Shimano dynamo hub is perfect, strong light always available, solid and well built baggage rack. The alluminium oversize frame  and the suspended fork make the bike really resistent and suitable also for an off road use.

I saw on Bottecchia website the new version, 250 Alivio 27s. I’ve already suggested it to a friend of mine, and I will consider it for sure for a future purchase.

I want to thank you for your work, represented by an high quality product that I personally tested.”

We thank Manuel for sharing his story.
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