At the fifth and second to last race of the 29° Autumn Trophy, an other success of our Rafael Visinelli who closes at first place!

The competition of sunday 16th October in Sant’Anna di Chioggia (Venice) has seen at the start more than 400 bikers who rode on a quite hard path in the protected area between the pine grove and Nordio wood.

For Visinelli this has been the third victory after Torre di Mosto (Venice) and Adria (Rovigo) of last weeks, and the second place of San Stino di Livenza (Venice). All these placements increase the possibilities to reach the prestigious Autumn Trophy, thath will conclued on sunday 23th October in Rottanova di Cavarzere (Venice).

The most awaited trial, the one of Open, has been characterized by the confrontation among Nicholas Pettinà (Forestale-Olympia), Nicolò Ferrazzo (Diamond) and our Visinelli, who left behind all the group from half race. Pettinà and Visinelli made a long arm wrestling that excited the public. In the final part the biker of the Bottecchia Factory Team speeded up and the ex team mate Pettinà had to be happy with the second place.