EMME 3 GARA exposition at Marco Polo Venice Airport


Food & beverage meets the world of cycling in the exclusive location of the Venice International Airport. Italian food and craftsmanship are the main features of “made in Italy”, recognized and appreciated all over the world.  The same as Emme 3 Gara, the carbon handmade in Italy frame, and Briccocaè the idea place for travellers to taste the original italian food.

Emme 3 Gara RedLab will be part of the cafè for next weeks at Marco Polo Airport, as the symbol of “made in Italy” in the world. The new cycling mood of the cafè will be represented by Bottecchia and its almost one hundred years of history. The Emme 3 Gara model combines tradition, craftsmanship and innovation.

Bottecchia waits for you at the second floor of Venice Airport.