Stefano Dal Grande wins the longest Italian marathon in front of Gambino and Deho’s specialists.


On Sunday took place the Lessinia Legend, the longest marathon in Italy, part of the Veneto Championship based at Bosco Chiesanuova (VR), a village on the Lessini Mountains at 1000m altitude where many champions  such as Fulvio Valbusa and Paola Pezzo won in the past. 125km for 4520m of difference ion heigt with the highest altitude at Mount Tomba at 1760 meters above sea level … a tough marathon!

The race started with a sky that promised rain and so it was, turning a tough race into a real enterprise where the best and the strongest emerged. After half an hour of racing, a heavy shower was thrown on the race: water, hail and wind gusts that also damaged the gazebo during the event and the organization decided to shorten the route of about twenty km due to landslides and missing safety conditions in some sections.

In San Giorgio, at the 30 ° km, there were 2 of our athletes among the main group, Stefano Dal Grande and Marcello Pavarin (winner of the 2015 edition), with Marzio Deho, Alessandro Gambino and Lorenzo Pierpaoli. They continue together but the real selection took place halfway through the technical descent of the Gosse where Stefano Dal Grande attacked with Marzio Deho and Marcello Pavarin who remain behind for holes.

At that point, Dal Grande continued alone earning one minute after another until it reaches a maximum of 6 minutes. At that point, there was nothing to do except to administer the lead until he arrived at the goal with hands raised to the sky. Alessandro Gambino arrived second in the second position, just behind Marzio Deho.