Weekend dedicated to the test bike of the Gravel 105 Mix Disk for Luza Zanoni, on behalf of Bottecchia Point Bike Suzzara – Suzzara (MN).

BIKE: https://www.bottecchia.com/en/modelli/2018-gravel

This bicycle comes with a great equipment, from a Shimano 105 with FSA crankshaft, Shimano hydraulic braking system, Fulcrum wheels with 40 tires and finished with Raxe-branded aluminum accessories.

The geometry of this aluminum frame, less “racing” than the sister Liegi dedicated to Cyclocross, makes it a vehicle that lends itself to various uses of the Gravel world, which is why I tried to stress it on different terrains and situations. Its natural habitat is the light dirt road / white road in the plain and hill where you appreciate the stability, the comfort and the solidity that make it suitable also for all-road trips thanks to the ability to mount luggage racks and bags.

On the mixed dirt road it is still reactive and ready for the change of direction favored by the wide Raxe Gravel HB handlebar and with a curve designed for a stable and secure grip.20171014_130817

The greatest curiosity was to test it on the most difficult and technical trails of the Garda that I know on the saddle of my Bottecchia Ortles 297+ equipped with 27,5 Plus tires. With a well-developed geometry, a proper rubberizing, a hydraulic braking system and a good blend of experience and unconsciousness, you can take some satisfaction on XC / Soft Freeride style pathways as long as the rapportation suits this use for uphill technical traits.

Conclusions. A multi-purpose bicycle suitable for travelers, light off-road enthusiasts, but at the moment it can be pushed to the road pole (with more sliding tires) and to the more technical pole with the necessary alternatives to the routes.