Marcello Pavarin, for the 4th consecutive year, will ride for the Bottecchia Team. We recall that Marcello, born in ’86, joined the team in red in 2015, achieving excellent results and acquiring more and more off-road familiarity after a career in road racing. After the confirmation of Stefano Dal Grande some days ago, here is another welcome news for the fan of the Bottecchia brand.

The 2017 of Marcello is to be considered good with a constant state of form that has allowed him to fight, for the whole season, for the placements. In the last part of the season, several victories came, including Su and Zo for the Fossi, a home race for the Rodigino athlete. For 2018 he will try to fit well in the most important races and, thanks to the excellent state of form, make a good results in the summer and late summer appointments. Marcello is also working as a trainer as owner of the athletic training  and functional evaluation center “Power and Ride”.

The third confirmation of the Team will arrive soon, so stay tuned.