To each one the right size.

If you are looking for the size of your new bike best suited to you, check out our size guide for information on the frame recommended for your measurements. For any further information do not hesitate to contact your local Bottecchia dealer.

For the Reparto Corse bikes we suggest to evaluate the correct measurement through biomechanical advice.

How Bottecchia sizes work.

All Bottecchia bikes are divided into sizes, ie the size of the frame. Bottecchia uses numerical sizes ( e.g. 40-44-48), which vary depending on the model. The height of the cyclist depends on the size of the frame.

Wide range of sizes.

Bottecchia offers a wide range of measures to ensure the perfect set-up for every cyclist.  From size 40 for lower heights, up to 56 for taller riders who often struggle to find the right size. Not all sizes are available on all models, it depends on the geometry of the frame and the type of use of the bike.