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Bottecchia Cicli celebrates Ottavio Bottecchia by attending the passage of the Giro d'Italia in Trasaghis, in front of Ottavio's memorial

On 20 July 1924 Ottavio Bottecchia was the first Italian to win the Tour de France, and the first to do so wearing the yellow jersey from the first to the last stage. A humble runner with immeasurable talent, a hard worker tied to his family and his land, who without knowing a word of French conquers the toughest race in the world on foreign territory. The following year Ottavio repeats the feat, and wins again. His consecration as a legend goes down in history.

2024 , one hundred years after that victory, the Giro d'Italia on the occasion of its 19th stage "Mortegliano-Sappada", pays homage to the memory of Ottavio with a ride to Trasaghis (UD), on the roads of Ottavio Bottecchia. But not only. Precisely on these streets is the memorial to Ottavio Bottecchia, in the place where the champion is said to have fallen ill, which then led to his death. And it is precisely here that the first flying finish of the day is located, to celebrate one of the legends of Italian cycling.

This celebration is a great source of pride for Bottecchia Cicli, and this is why we are here today to witness the passage of the Giro in front of the monument of Ottavio Bottecchia, with our yellow jerseys of the Centenary of the victory. ” comments Marco Turato, Italian sales manager of Bottecchia Cicli

Ottavio remains one of those figures destined to remain in history forever, a timeless legend with which the company shares an aptitude for racing but not only. Competition, resilience, sacrifice and passion are the distinctive traits that the story of Ottavio and the Bottecchia brand have in common, a story made of great achievements but also of a lot of dedication and commitment . We thank the mayor of Trasaghis Stefania Pisu, our sales manager for Friuli Percos Bike and ASD Ottavio Bottecchia for sharing this important commemoration with us.