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Red , the color of muscles and the heart, an expression of momentum, energy, speed and power. It is the first color we perceive at birth and which, by stimulating the central nervous system, increases the heart rate and blood pressure. Determined, impulsive, competitive. This is why it is the color of passion and the desire to win . This is why it is the color that distinguishes our top of the range bikes.

Red Lab is the beating heart of the ideas, technology and all the innovation we put into the Racing Department. Since 2016 the research and development department has wanted to aim even higher with the creation of an internal laboratory dedicated to the study, design and creation of special models branded Red Lab , in the particular R and Lab colour. From design to production, each step is followed down to the smallest detail to create a unique product with an unmistakable Bottecchia style.

Red Lab, located in our factories in Piove di Sacco, deals with the research and study of new technologies to be applied to the creation of the top of the Reparto Corse models. From this work comes the design and planning of the new bikes with the unmistakable Bottecchia style. Experience and innovation come together to combine Venetian craftsmanship with the most modern and international latest generation production techniques. Product development is taken care of in detail by our technicians, who follow the design, production and testing step by step. All Red Lab products are tested in the laboratory and on the road, to guarantee maximum performance and quality.

Red Lab products are unique in terms of quality and technologies. All the bikes in this line are made of carbon and entirely assembled by hand in our Piove di Sacco factories according to the Venetian artisan tradition. Uniqueness and exclusivity are words that characterize Red Lab .


they are some of the "perfect machines", which thanks to the Red Lab laboratory allow us to reach very high standards. In fact, these special edition bikes were born with a clear awareness: to give even more. Overcoming the limits and achieving performance never achieved before.
The profound knowledge we have gained in bike design and production comes from decades of working closely with professional teams. Since the 1990s, Bottecchia has been sponsoring professional teams, closely studying the synergy between bike and athlete. All this experience and knowledge is summarized in the RED LAB department, our research and development center that designs the best racing and MTB bikes for the world of competitions. Materials and components of the highest level, entirely assembled by hand in our Racing Department center in Piove di Sacco. Developed with the pros, for you.

The details that make Red Lab bikes unique


The only thing that can make an already technically perfect bike unique is its aesthetics. This is why at Bottecchia the design and colors are studied in the CHROME LAB - painted in Italy laboratory, a center dedicated to the design and graphic and chromatic development capable of enhancing the design and defining the character of each bike. All the special colors of our top of the range are designed and made in Italy to make each model unique and original, to create an unmistakable style, yours.

Every cyclist has his own personality, which is why we look for color solutions that have a lot to express, to tell. Cutting-edge top-of-the-line frames that match perfectly with specifically designed graphics and colors to bring out the best in every technical detail.

The creatives at the Chrome Lab laboratory are committed to defining premium designs, with paint schemes rich in unique and emotional color effects. Different color options, eye-catching and innovative, for top-level bikes.