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Centenary of the first Italian victory at the Tour de France.

The story of a victory become legend.

Ottavio Bottecchia is the first Italian to win the Tour de France, wearing the yellow jersey from the first to the last stage. And the first to replicate the victory for two consecutive years.

July, 20th 1924 - The Epic Victory

At the Parc des Princes Ottavio Bottecchia is first, both in order of stage finish and overall ranking, with 35' and 36'' advantage. That day, the Venetian wagons driver who had made his debut in the world of professional cycling only the year before, scored one of the most epic victories in the history of cycling.

He is the first Italian to win the Tour de France, and he is the first to do it wearing the yellow jersey from the first to the last stage.

Bottecchia astounds the crowds, the people love him. A humble rider with immense talent, a great worker linked to his family and his land, who without knowing a word of French conquers the hardest race in the world in foreign territory.

The consecutive year Ottavio repeats the feat, and wins again. His consecration to legend enters history.


A hundred years after that victory, Bottecchia Cicli continues to celebrate and keep alive the memory of this timeless champion through the bicycles that bear his name.

The figure of Ottavio Bottecchia is imprinted on the Olympus of cycling champions and his heroic deeds continue to feed the dreams of sportsmen around the world.

The attitude to racing has always remained in the DNA of the Bottecchia brand, which dedicates the Reparto Corse line to high-level products intended for professional level competitions.

Competition, resilience, sacrifice and passion are the distinctive traits that unite the history of Ottavio and the Bottecchia brand. A story made of great achievements but also a lot of dedication and commitment, which year after year allows cyclists around the world to continue dreaming on Bottecchia bikes.

The Bottecchia Centenary Logo

Bottecchia Cicli commemorates this important anniversary with the "Bottecchia Centenary" logo dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the first Italian victory at the Tour, an important Italian record, destined to remain forever imprinted in the history of cycling.

The logo focuses on "100 years", the longevity of a story that continues to live in time, more vivid than ever. Around, a laurel wreath, traditional symbol that circled the forehead of the winners of the athletic celebrations of the past. This, unlike everything else, yellow, clear reference to the Tour de France.

Above, to crown it all, stands the great eagle of Bottecchia Cicli, which flies high, exceeding the boundaries of time and space, with its image now recognized worldwide.  Around it, the phrase "First Italian victory at Tour de France - 1924 - 2024 Anniversary" closes the circle that gathers all the iconic elements of the Centenario Bottecchia logo.