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The EP8 engine is Shimano’s latest evolution for e-bikes, designed to deliver the right power at the right time with total and adjustable control tailored to your needs. At 2.6kg, the EP8 system weighs 300 grams less than previous versions. It is one of the lightest motor units and it offers the highest power in its class. The steepest climbs and the most demanding tracks can be tackled with the utmost confidence thanks to the maximum torque increased to 85 Nm. EP8 ensures smooth and direct power to ensure that you always have total control while maintaining a feeling of naturalness. Thanks to magnesium-based heat-conducting materials and completely revamped engine casing, the EP8 system can handle rising temperatures on the go, ensuring you can harness maximum torque for longer. It is possible to choose between 10 levels of power assistance. 5 levels of power assistance
at the start or you can select the most suitable maximum torque by choosing between three modes (Eco, Trail and / or Boost). The 1.6-inch LCD display allows easy access to all the main information, and to connect with Bluetooth with smartphones and tablets via the E-Tube apps. The power assistance
switch on the handlebar allows you to select assistance modes, view information on the display and activate Walk mode. To best meet the needs of the cyclist and make pedaling smoother, friction has also been reduced by 36%, optimizing the clutch mechanism to give greater reactivity with a smoother detachment of the power assistance at speeds above 25 km/h.