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TEST&RIDE with Ruggeri Bike in Franciacorta

In the heart of Franciacorta, among the rolling hills and vineyards, TEST&RIDE took place last Saturday, an event that managed to capture the soul of gravel enthusiasts.

Under the expert guidance of Simone Venturelli and with the support of Ruggeri Bike , a specialized dealer in the province of Brescia, the experience took the participants on an exciting journey through breathtaking landscapes and dirt paths, transforming a simple ride into a unique adventure.

The route, studied and created by Simone, wound along the hills for about 40 km, with a limited difference in altitude, ideal for enjoying hidden paths and picturesque corners of Franciacorta. " In slow motion you see things that you would normally miss " this is his motto, which also defines a cycling made not only of effort, but also of adventure and fun.

The route, tailor-made for gravel, proved to be a combination of technical challenges and breathtaking views. Perfect terrain on which to try Gravel Carbon , the ideal companion for tackling the challenges of mixed terrain, guaranteeing high-level performance in every situation. With its light and resistant structure, Gravel Carbon has allowed riders to face the roughness of the route with agility and safety. Its advanced features, such as optimized geometry and high-quality components, have ensured a smooth and responsive driving experience, reliable in corners and fast on straights.

But it was the surrounding landscape that really stole the show. The rolling hills of Franciacorta proved to be the perfect setting for this cycling adventure. Vineyards stretched to the horizon, capturing every attendee's gaze. And as the riders immersed themselves more and more in the heart of nature, the thrill of discovering every hidden corner of this paradise became irresistible.

But more than anything, it was the atmosphere of community and sharing that made the event truly special!

Follow Simone on his channel to discover this, and all the other bikepacking trips always riding his Gravel Monster !